This is the Manual of Style for all the animal articles on the Animal Database. All articles relating to the kingdom of animalia should adhere to these guidelines.


General Formatting

These format rules apply throughout the article.

  • The first mention of the article's name should be bolded.
  • Mentions of other wiki articles should be linked. There should only be one link to another article per page, with the exception of links within infoboxes and navboxes.
  • The last taxonomic name of animal should be bolded (Or italicized if it is a species name).
  • The common name of the animal should be used. The exceptions to this rule are when the common name does not exist or is unavailable, or if another name of the content is being discussed.
  • All animal articles should have an animalbox template.

Introduction (Before Headings)

Page Icons

If the article is a featured article or protected, the page icons template should be placed at the beginning of the article. (Not Available)


Animal pages should make use of the Animalbox Template , filled out with all applicable information. For the tutorial of the template, see its Documentation.

Introductory Text

The introduction should name the specie's genus and its range.

Ex. The Philippine Flying Lemur is a specie from the Philippine Flying Lemur genus. It is endemic in the Philippines.

Appearance or Characteristic (If it is a phylum, class, order or family.)

The first section with a heading will be the appearance section. The appearance section will describe the species's physical appearance, including their color, and body shape.

Habitat (If it is a specie)

This section should have the habitat description of the animal.


The behaviour section should describe its behaviour, including habitat,diet, lifespan and behaviour towards humans with an exception to humans itself.

Other Informations

Endangerment cause, tusks and other things must be place here.

Lower Taxon Branch

This section should have a table where all of its lower taxon branches. see Mammal for example.


The content of this section should have the images of the species.


Trivias should be place in this section.


If the content was copied, give a link to the website in this section.


The animal's taxonomic ranks and Conservation Status (If it is a specie) should be added.

Heading Format




===Towards Humans==





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