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Range Madagascar
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Class Mammalia
Order Primates
Family Daubentoniidae
Genus Daubentonia
Species Daubentonia Madagascariensis
Conservation Status
Near Threatened

The Aye-aye is a specie of the Daubentonia Genus. It is endemic in Madagascar. The aye-aye is a small primate, related to lemurs, that hunts by night for wood-boring insects in the forests of Madagascar. The exact number of aye-ayes is unknown but it is believed to be between 1,000 and 2,000. Captive-breeding programmes have been established and some aye-ayes have been released back into the wild.


Needs Information


The aye-aye commonly eats animal matter, nuts, insect larvae, fruits, nectar, seeds, and fungi, classifying it as an omnivore. Aye-ayes are particularly fond of cerambycid beetles. It picks fruit off trees as it moves through the canopy, often barely stopping to do so. An aye-aye not in its natural habitat will often steal coconuts, mangoes, sugar cane, lychees and eggs from villages and plantations. Aye-ayes tap on the trunks and branches of the trees they visit up to eight times per second, and listen to the echo produced to find hollow chambers inside. Once a chamber is found, they chew a hole into the wood and get grubs out of that hole with their narrow and bony middle fingers.[1]


World's Creepiest Animal - The Aye Aye01:29

World's Creepiest Animal - The Aye Aye

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