Chrysaora colorata
Chrysaora colorata
A purple-striped jellyfish in the Pacific
Common Name Purple-striped jellyfish
Range Off the coasts of California
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Cnidaria
Class Scyphozoa
Order Semaeostomeae
Family Pelagiidae
Genus Chrysaora
Species Chrysaora colorata
Conservation Status
Least Concern

The Chrysaora colorata, more commonly called the Purple-striped jelly, is a species of the Propithecus genus. It is common off the coasts of California in the Pacific ocean.


Chrysaora colorata, like many other species of the Cnidaria phylum, exists primarily in it's adult medusa form. They all possess a distinctive white bell decorated with purple stripes which spoke outwards from it's centre. Their bells grow to be roughly 0.7m (2.3ft) in diameter.

The Chrysaora colorata possesses four long, frilly, white oral arms which flank their quadrate mouths, characteristic of the Semaeostomeae order. It also possess eight white tentacles that possess a sting; this sting is irritating to humans, but rarely dangerous. The tentacles and arms vary in length depending on the individuals age. The jellyfish's sting can be extremely painful to humans, yet is rarely fatal.[1]


As Chrysaora colorata are of the Cnidaria phylum, they lack higher higher learning capabilities, so they possess only innate behaviours. They often drift, as swarms, in ocean currents collecting food.


The Chrysaora colorata's diet consists mainly of Zooplankton, Comb jellies, Salps, other jellyfish, and fish eggs[2]. The four large oral arms which capture floating food and digest them, or move them upwards into the jellyfish's mouth. It's prey is killed by the millions of nematocysts (stinging cells) which cover the surface each of it's tentacles.


  • A Purple-striped Jellyfish


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