The least Grebe is the smallest species on grebe. It is the only grebe to have a yellow eye. It is mainly gray. It has a cottony rump. It has a small gray bill. It is 8-10 in. long, making it the smallest grebe. There are 4 subspecies. It ranges from N. Argentina to southeren Texas. It can also be found it the Caribbean. One of the most northern places you can see least grebes is Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, on the south end on San Antonio,Texas. It lives in marshes, wetlands, rivers, ponds, and lakes. They eat fish, crustaceans, frogs, and insects. They can spend up to 12 seconds under the water. They build floatind nests, anchored by roots, that the parents gaurd. They lay 3-6 white eggs. They breed throughout the year. Fish and turtles will take young grebes and raptors will take adult grebes. They have a shrill trilling call. They are classified as least concern.

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