Mantled Guereza
Mantled Guereza
Mantled Guereza at the Henry Doorly Zoo.
Common Name Guereza and Eastern Black-and-white Colobus.
Range Africa
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Primates
Family Cercopithecidae
Genus Colobus
Species Colobus guereza
Conservation Status
Least Concern

The Mantled Guereza is a species from the Colobus genus.


The mantled guereza has a distinctive pelage, being mostly black with a white mantle, also known as an ornamentation, and a white tail tuft. The bands that make up the mantle start at the shoulders and extend along the back until they connect at the lower torso. The tail tuft varies in how much it covers the tail. here is also white hair around the face with the hair between the cheeks being bushy. The thigh has a white stripe.


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