New Zealand Sea Lion
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia

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Adult males are 240-350 cm long and weigh 320-450 kg and adult females are 180-200 cm long and weigh 90-165 kg. At birth pups are 70-100 cm long and weigh 7-8 kg. Adult females coats vary from buff to creamy gray with darker pigmentation around the muzzle and the flippers. Adult males are blackish-brown with a well-developed black mane of coarse hair reaching the shoulders. Both genders have something called a natal pelage which is a thick coat of dark brown hair that becomes dark grey with cream markings on the top of the head, nose, tail and base of the flippers.


These Sea Lions have a preference for sandy beaches like most. On these sandy beaches they will rest, sleep, mate and play. Unlike some Sea Lions, New Zealand Sea Lions are not afraid of people but will still charge at anyone who gets to close. They move quickly and effortlessly on land, they are curious and like to play especially the younger ones.


New Zealand Sea Lions will happily eat cephalopods, crabs, crayfish and fish. They will travel 130 km offshore to feed. New Zealand Sea Lions will also eat penguins and fur seals but this is not of their preference. Some desperate seals have even been seen feeding on theirs or others young.


New Zealand Sea Lions can live for up to twenty years.
New Zealand Sea Lion

A New Zealand Sea Lion



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