Indian Rhino
Indian Rhinoceros.
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Perissodactyla
Family Rhinocerotidae
Genus Rhinoceros

The members of the genus Rhinoceros are the one-horned rhinoceroses. The word "rhinoceros" is of Greek origin; "rhino" meaning "nose", and "ceros" meaning "horn". The genus contains two species, the indian rhinoceros and the javan rhinoceros. Although both members are endangered, the Javan Rhinoceros is one of the most endangered large mammals in the world with only 60 individuals surviving in Java (Indonesia). A fossil jawbone of an extinct species, Rhinoceros philippinensis, was found in the Philippines.


Rhinoceros unicornis (Linnaeus, 1758) (Indian Rhinoceros)
Rhinoceros sondaicus (Desmarest, 1822) (Javan Rhinoceros)

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I'm a Rhino02:07

I'm a Rhino

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