Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammelia
Order Cetacea
Family Delphinidae
Genus Sotalia
Species Sotalia fluviatilis

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The tucuxi dolphin is a small to midsize freshwater dolphin that can be found living throughout the amazon river.


The tucuxi exists in small groups of about 10-15 individuals, and swim in tight-knit groups, suggesting a highly developed social structure. Tucuxis are quite active and may jump clear of the water (a behavior known as breaching), somersault, spy-hop or tail-splash. They are unlikely, however, to approach boats.

Tucuxis have been observed to feed with other river dolphins. They feed on a wide variety of fish. Studies of growth layers suggest the species can live up to 35 years.


The typical diet for the tucuxi dolphin consists of a variety of fish and shrimp.

During feeding periods these dolphins have been known to feed in small groups of up to 15, however the group size of various feeding pods are largely determined by area, food supply and social structure.


Relatively little is catalogued regarding the species lifespan in the wild; however, one individual in captivity lived to the age of about


Is (11)


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